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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Trending Foul

We're officially in a bad mood here.  Snow, then rain, now snow is expected again.  Yesterday I was listening to CNN and heard that the big story TRENDING the airwaves was about Regis leaving Live.  Then the anchor said "we'll fill you in on all the other trending stories when we return."  Trending?  Really?  Hence, my blogpost title.  Everyone is annoying me lately.

Well, maybe not the lady at Goodwill who always charges random prices in my favor. 

Here's today's ThrHaul:

  • This fabulous mint-in-box Kresge's hostess tray.  $1.49.
  • A vintage latch hook kit to make a flower rug. $2.99.
  • A brand new American Girl Doll jewelry making kit. $2.99. (Do NOT tell my kids!)
  • A new Black Diamond fleece vest. $1.99.
  • And a nice leather dog leash for $1.99.  We loose them all the time, so I find the thrift stores a great source for replacements.  I think Calvin will like this one.

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