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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bliss After A Blizzard

I was not a happy camper this morning shoveling the back-breaking snow out of my driveway.  But the kids had school (luckily!) and I had to drive them there.  The silver lining was that school was delayed an hour, which meant they'd be arriving close to 9:00, which meant the Salvation Army nearby would be open. 

I nearly kept driving past the empty, poorly plowed parking lot fearing the store was closed due to the blizzard. Fortunately, I did not.  The Salvation Army store was open and (here's where the music would play if I could add it to my blog) I was the only one there! 

Nirvana struck.  Where to start?  In the knick-knacks room?  Arts and Crafts?  Upstairs in Women's and Children's?  I headed upstairs as my stock of snow pants in my eBay store is dwindling (OK, another silver lining to the snow storm). 

There on the rack were near-new Hanna Andersson bibs for $2.99 (green tag--making them $1.50), a Patagonia snowsuit for $3.99 and several more nice snow pants and jackets--nothing more than $3.99.  I spent around $20 and figured I'll at least triple my money.  More importantly, I experienced thrift-shop heaven with a good 20-30 minutes with no shopping competition. 

Just a few updates on previously noted purchases: I just sold the 3 pairs of Brooks Brothers socks for $30.  Probably could have held out for more, but doubling my money seemed good enough.  The Minnetonka Moccasins sold instantly.  And then unsold.  Yes, they were purchased by an Aussie who didn't think to ask about shipping before she repeatedly clicked the "BUY" button.  Good to know there are yahoos all over the world.  Anyway, I've had a few other inquiries so I'm sure they'll sell.  Again. 

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