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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Treasure in a Sock

First I will apologize for my absence, if anyone is reading this. I've been busy and crabby. But I won't digress. I'm back, and hope to post quite a bit in the next few weeks.

Next week I leave for a road trip to Ohio and the Route 127 sale. Also found out that the very same weekend of the 127 Sale is the Lincoln Buy-Way, which hosts yard sales all along the Lincoln Highway. The two sales converge in Van Wert, Ohio. I will be there, hopefully gathering treasure and posting from the road.

About the socks. I was at Saver's recently with my kids (in other words, a brief trip) when I spotted these. They brought back memories of my youth, when I used to wear socks just like these for tennis. My cats loved to pull the pom poms off and chase them around the house. "What's .49 cents for a little nostalgia?" I thought and dropped them into my basket. My kids declared them "hideous," but I was undeterred.

Upon arriving home, I checked on eBay as I do with all my weird finds, even those I plan to keep. And there were vintage pom pom socks selling for $80! Well, that was the end of my walk down Memory Lane. I listed those puppies right away and sold them for $28 (the $80 was for a lot of 3 pairs). I have no idea why they sold like that. I checked it out and you can buy new pom pom socks for a normal price. But it's one of life's mysteries I won't question. Just deposited the windfall in the bank. The profit will help take me to Ohio next week, where you can be sure I'll have my eye out for any more of those vintage socks.