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Saturday, January 15, 2011

My ThrHaul

Look what I found at Saver's today!  A vintage Boye Needlemaster kit in mint condition.  In case you're unfamiliar with such a thing, it's a set of knitting needles that can be configured in different ways so you can get every size and type of needle in one kit.  I paid $6.99. A similar one sold for $41 on eBay.

Other than the knitting needle kit, I'm still just stocking up on snow pants and jackets.  But I was thrilled to find a Columbia jacket for my daughter (her current jacket ripped and my repair was less than stellar) for $3.  She wanted a replacement from LL Bean, but when I checked the website, they were still selling at full price.  Just goes against my nature to pay full-price for a winter coat mid January.  So I dashed out to the Salvation Army and found this nice Columbia jacket in her size.  Her first reaction was "is it from a secondhand store?"--said with as much tween snarkiness as you can imagine.  But then she took a look at the jacket and said "Oh, Columbia!  It looks just like Rebekkah's!".  So we're back in business for $3 instead of $60 plus. That's what I call a good ThrHaul!

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