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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sewing Boxes~Chests of Buried Treasure

I love vintage sewing stuff, so when I see an old sewing basket, I tend to grab it.  Last weekend I purchased one along with a bunch of other stuff.  My two bags full of treasure cost $10, so I can't say exactly how much the sewing box was, but it was cheap.  It was tied up in a plastic Target bag, so I couldn't even see what was inside.  I just figured it was worth the 50 cents or so.

What fun when I got home and finally was able to sort through my booty!  Aside from the many wooden spools of thread, vintage needle packets, great buttons and sewing scissors, I found other treasures:
  • An old Sominex bottle filled with pins.  Complete with label.  It's currently listed on eBay.  Will let you know what happens.
  • An old Peruvian coin and a penny from the 30s.
  • A pocketknife.
  • Mending wool.
  • An old Adolph's meat tenderizer bottle filled with hat pins.
A lot of history in one sewing box.  Because some of the stuff was labeled from the 50s, I could get a sense of how old most of the items were.  And I learned a great lesson--people tend to stash little things in their sewing box (just like the junk drawer), so you never know what you'll find inside!

Happy hunting!

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