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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Well, the Sominex bottle didn't sell. But, my looms (pictured above) did~for $104!  I paid .50 cents.  I just recently discovered these hand looms.  Found one at a church sale and had no idea what it was, but it was only .25 cents, so I bought it.  Now I know they are highly collectible Donar Weave-It looms.  The one pictured in the box above is aparently the rarest, made of all wood in the 40s.  It's a rug loom.  The other one pictured here has metal pins which is more common.  The piece running across the loom is actually the needle.  They come in different sizes.  I also sold two mini (2") looms made by Hero for $51.  All found the same weekend at various sales.  Now if only I can have such luck again.

Am not happy that my thrifting efforts will be curtailed the next few weekends by hubby's work schedule and lack of childcare.  But I am going to try a new bribe this weekend (in the past, I've offered the kids $10 to spend as they want if they come yardsaling with me--didn't work so well).  I promised them a new DVD to watch in the car along with donuts.  I'm hoping to maybe get an hour or so of cruising time while they hunker down with their movie and sugar fix.  We'll see....

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  1. I was watching True Blood last night. It was the episode where Sookie's grandma has died. Sookie is sitting on the steps with an afghan around her shoulders. That afghan was made with one of these looms. I've tried using one of these looms and, while not difficult, it's rather dull and time consuming, in my opinion.