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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Many Sales, Meager Pickings

Plenty of sales today, but little to be had.  I did find these cool skates for $3 with the key.  Hard to believe we actually wore these things, metal wheels and all.  But I remember strapping them on.  I still have an old key, which I recently dug out of a box and put on a cord, then wore as a necklace.  I receieved quite a few compliments from people who had no idea what it was.

Also found today:
  • A long-sleeved pink Odille top (fancy brand from Anthropologie) for $1
  • A vintage paint-by-number painting of a German Shephard and her pups.  It's really big and already hanging in my daughter's room.  Paid $2.
  • A box of vintage white cotton hankies made in Hong Kong.  $1.
  • An ameoba-shaped Anholt ashtray for .25.
  • A vintage box of milk glass snack trays with matching cups--all 4 still in the original box.  $5.

1 comment:

  1. Tiffany is now selling assorted metal keys as necklaces, far less appealing than your skate key.