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Monday, April 19, 2010


The Lelli Kellys went for $23.50--not bad for a $1 investment.  Especially when sales have been slowwww! 

One of my favorite new tools in treasure hunting is an app on my Droid smart phone called pocket auctions.  It lets you type in an item and see what it's selling for or sold for on eBay.  Mostly it's saved me money--I don't buy after I see that it's worthless!  But I have found a few good items I wouldn't have purchased without it.  Like a Madeline doll with a horse and carriage in the original box.  I paid $20 for it at the Salvation Army, which is big bucks for me.  But when I checked on pocket auctions, I saw it was hard to find and potentially worth some serious coin (well, more than $20 anyway.)  I ended up selling it for $66. 

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