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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Yardsale Season Begins!

Woo hoo! Yardsale season is officially here. Went out this morning to about five sales. Found a bunch of kids clothes for $17 including: a Lilly Pulitzer sundress, an LL Bean winter jacket, and LL Bean snowsuit, and a pair of Lelli Kelly's (all for resale, of course).

I'm all about the Lelli Kelly's these days. I bought a pair at a thrift store the other day thinking my daughter would wear them. I paid $3.99 for them. My daughter didn't want them so up they went on eBay. Sold for $31.11. I paid $1 for the pair I bought this a.m. Will post what they go for after they're sold.

Also got these two vintage paint-by-number horse pictures ($5) for my daughters room. She's got a wall of vintage animal prints and paintings.

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