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Friday, October 1, 2010

A Thrifty "Aha" Use

If any of the Womens' Mags still doled out money for household tips, I'm pretty sure I'd score a five spot for this one.  I use a lot of tissue paper packing items I sell on eBay.  And being the thrifter that I am, I absolutely hate to pay to buy packaging materials.  So yesterday I was sorting through my stash, deciding what to list in my eBay store, when I came across a vintage sewing pattern for a cowboy costume.  I spent a good fifteen minutes unfolding all the sheets to the pattern, checking to see if all the parts were there.  Then, I went to take photos of the pattern.  Midway through, I decided I'd better check on the value of my find.

Now, I thought this would be quite a hot ticket item with Halloween right around the corner.  Obviously a lot of other eBay sellers did too.  Not exactly a rare item.  So here I am having invested all this time into a worthless item.  The only thing I'm pleased about is that I don't have to try to refold the pattern and shove it back into its now seemingly small envelope.  I am about to pitch the whole thing into the recycling bin, when my "Aha" moment occurs.

The pattern is essentially tissue paper.  And there are a good 5 or 6 large sheets of it in one pattern. My "trash" will now be used to pack my next shipment.  And I will be on the hunt for cheap patterns (aka packing material.)                                                                

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