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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hanukkah in October

In fact, Hanukkah is practically in October this year--starts December 1st.  I do need to get my butt in gear.  But today was Hanukkah for me. 

I had to hire a sitter so I could get to my favorite sale of the year--St. Theresa's Flea Market.  Go figure, Hanukkah comes at the Catholic Church.  Anyway, it was worth every babysitting penny I spent.  I couldn't grab stuff fast enough.  They have at least five rooms filled with stuff, plus a huge parking lot with tables set up.  And it's all staffed by elderly volunteers who charge 10 cents for things.  Who still charges 10 cents?  You can't even buy a gumball these days for 10 cents.  I bought two lovely vintage linen tea towels for 10 cents a piece.  Add in the cloth napkins and my total came to 70 cents.  The volunteer helping me was having trouble finding correct change, so I told her to keep the 30 cents.  She said she needed to go hit some one up for smaller change.  Or, I suggested, stop charging 10 cents for things.

OK, so here's just a portion of my haul...I also visited another church, so I really did look like Santa dragging my black garbage bag full of goodies into the house (FYI: did not enter through the chimney--we don't have one.  Not a big concern in a Jewish home).

Someone please help me out with these guys...I bought a box of them (yes, 10 cents a piece.)  They're from the mid eighties and when you pinch their shoulders their arms open. You can clip them on to things.  Anyone remember what these are called???

In addition to my box of 80s hugging plushies, I got a slew of needlework and cross stitch kits (had to spring a whole buck a piece for these).

I also found these old wooden shoe forms ($1 for both).  I think they looked like they hopped right out of Country Living Magazine. 

Also found a great vintage Vendome crystal brooch (in the middle of the top photo) for a quarter.  I love the blue glass Christmas balls I found (free--because they dropped as the seller was loading them into my bag and two broke).  I will be finding a new home for those as I don't believe in the Hanukkah bush.

I also will be rehoming the vintage Strawberry Shortcake ornaments (50 cents) and the unopened pack of Del Monte stuffed fruit ornaments (50 cents). 

Also purchased: and old badminton set for $2 (birdie is missing, but the kids can still use the rackets to smack each other over the head); a bunch of books (yes, 10 cents a piece); a 1960s round Springbok puzzle (shown above, picked for $1) which I now think I need to try to assemble to see if all the pieces are there; 4 new Mad Libs (for when the kids aren't smacking each other over the heads with the rackets, $2 for all four); a vintage ravioli mold (50 cents) and an old, but never used Wilton Marseilles cookie mold (50 cents); a few winter coats and miscellaneous other items.

All in all I spent about $40.  Good times, good times.

Oh, one last thing.  I did promise to report on the Jean Cocteau Limoges cat plate I found for $6.  It sold for $33.50.  Not the windfall I was hoping to retire on, but I'll take it.


  1. I'm impressed. I haven't had a haul like that in a long time.