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Monday, May 16, 2011

Amy Sedaris Would be Jealous!

If you haven't read Amy Sedaris' book "Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People," you should.  If you're cheap, like me, you can just go spend an hour at Barnes & Noble and leaf through it. It's hilarious. And completely wrong. She has a chapter on crafting for "shut-ins", which is why I thought she'd love my recent find. It's a Solitaire Play Board (in case you can't just use your table like most people).

I bought it for the box, which I plan to add to my vintage gameboard collection. Some day they will hang in my basement, when I figure out just how to hang them up. A few more from my collection...

And speaking of being cheap, sometimes being a thrifter can tarnish one's reputation. Just last week my eldest came home claiming she broke her finger. It wasn't swollen, just barely bruised. Still, she was jonesing for an X-ray. I agreed to a splint and promised her we'd go to CVS that afternoon to get one. Then I said all I really needed was a popsicle stick. To which she exclaimed "Mom! You can't be that frugal that you're going to splint my finger with a popsicle stick."  Needless to say, I shelled out $6.50 for the CVS model.

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  1. I had that solitaire board when I was a kid. I think it was the same one, or very, very similar. I guess I fell under the "Instructive for Children" category.