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Monday, February 28, 2011

Retail. How it hurts!

Just returned from vacay, and am pleased to say I was finally able to stick my toe in the water of the L.A. thrift scene. More like a toenail, really.  My sister and I checked out this Estate Sale in Brentwood (hard to make out the sign above, but I did my best).  We were there on day 2, so pickings were slim.  But it was still fun.  Overpriced, but fun.  There was a sculpture (ugly) for sale for $7,500.  Cash only.  Who carries cash like that? Even in Brentwood?

I did manage to pick through the leftovers and retrieve these books.  And they only charged my 30 cents a piece! 

All in all, the scene was quite similar to any professionally run estate sale I've been to, with the exceptionof one upscale touch.  Right next to the checkout lady was a tray of FREE microwave popcorn packs that read "Thanks for Popping In."  I would have preferred a mint.  But it was a nice touch.

I also dragged my sister into two thrift shops.  I shouldn't say dragged, she went willingly.  We didn't find anything, but we didn't spend much time perusing either.  I give my sister credit--she tried.  But it annoyed her that a Banana Republic blouse was on the "Designer" rack.  And the smell was not the usual fragrance samples she's used to at Bloomingdales. 

So on to retail.  My girls were itching to go shopping with Auntie, and as Auntie only has boys, she was itching to go shopping with them as well.  As suggested above, Auntie's haunts trend more toward Neimans than Savers, , so we found ourselves at an upscale boutique in Brentwood just for girls and teen girls.  A store chock full of more party dresses than I have seen in an entire mall along with a full assortment of Stars of David necklaces, so after you've purchased the dress for the Bat Mitzvah you can buy the birthday girl a meaningful gift as well. 

Auntie convinced my eldest (who is 11) that her normal track-pant attire was not L.A. chic, so daughter #1 insisted on buying not one, but three pairs of leggings.  Actually, one was a pair of "jeggings" (jean leggings), another was a pair with pleather stripes down the sides, and the last was basic black.  I believe one pair was on sale, the rest were full retail.  And because eldest would now be wearing leggings, not track pants, she needed suitable shirts.  And a jacket.  I don't think I've spent as much on her clothes in a year as I did in one day shopping in L.A.

But the real kicker was when we got home.  Eldest tried on her new jeggings with a longish tee and then said "you know mom, I just don't think leggings are me.  But, I thought I'd give it a try."

Next time, she will be trying with a $3 pair from Savers.  They may have a small hole in need of repair, or a few stray cat hairs from someone elses cat, but when she realizes they are not for her, they can go right back to Savers.  For someone else.  And I will be out $3, instead of--I can't even say how much.

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